Uber Might Be More Valuable Than Facebook

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Article talks about how Uber might be more valuable than Facebook: Uber has become one of the fastest growing companies in the world. In a very short span of time it has extended to 22 countries. It plans to expand its employee base with business and finance candidates and increase Uber drivers.
Disruption: How uber is using disruption policy to gain the largest market share become number one in car services. Unlike other cab services in the market, it does not own any taxis, it does not hire drivers but rather what it does is make a provision for customers and drivers to get connected. It offers same services as that of any normal taxi or cab company but in a different way. It is more convenient for the drivers and especially customers. Customers have the greatest benefits which makes Uber so unique and popular.
Redesigning: Uber is planning to redesign, from being just a car service to something more. In future Uber will be known not just for its car services but something more. Uber is planning to provide all kinds of services related to transportation and logistics. It will be used for all kinds of deliveries from household to daily needs to practically anything. There will be a time when people will start thinking that was it actually just a car service company?
Measurement of success: Uber measurement for success is majorly based on how well they serve the