Uci Race Classifications and Manual Handing Essay

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Assignment 302
My duties and responsibilities are to keep the service users safe within their own home. As a domiciliary carer I do everything I can to make sure they can stay in their home for example personal care, food preparation, medication and manual handing.
I do regular training sessions to meet standards in the workplace such as manual handing and medication management. We are also provided with information hand out to improve our knowledge around important areas such as Metal health act 2007.
As a carer I need to be able to provide care that meets national standards. This is important so I continue to improve which means I can provide the highest quality of care for the service user. Having regular refreshment courses widens my knowledge therefore I can handle many different situation I face in my job.
I may not always have the same beliefs as my service users which could affect the way I work with them. It is difficult to care for someone that you don’t get on with. However as their carer I have to try remain profession although it can be hard.
Having up to date training will help me to provide the best care possible. For example if I have my yearly manual handling training I can keep up with the changes standards.
I get support with planning and developing by my manager giving my regular supervisions. This helps me to see my strengths and weaknesses. I am also offered additional training sessions which also furthers my knowledge.
Learning activities help my practice a lot. Whilst doing my training course we do activities as well as written learning. I prefer the activities because you are being included in the learning process for example on our catheter course we are shown how to work with the equipment safety by a demonstration and then we get a go after. This helped because I do it myself and not just watch.
TC 1.1
Reflective practice is where I can reflect on my own work. It helps me to see what I need to improve on. Once I have considered this I can go on additional courses to get more knowledge which will also make me feel more confident when working because I will know what I’m doing.
Standards are put in place to help me to meet the correct practice. Having these standards makes me to reflect on how I need to improve to provide the best care.
Some people might get offended by constructive feedback as they might feel they