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1) How will you use what you learnt from your undergraduate in 5 -10 years time?
Throughout my academic life, with experiences I gained from the projects and the work groups, I have learnt how to deal and work with people from different backgrounds as a team. Besides, through leading several projects in both my university and internships, I have gained a substantial experience of communication, collaboration and leading a working group. Being an industrial engineer provided me to develop a powerful analytical engineering viewpoint which has laid the foundation of a successful theoretical background. Also, I am eager to comprehend more deeply the concepts of finance, economy, business strategy and its dynamics in the MSc Management. Under favour of my already gained knowledge and concepts I will learn more deeply, I would like to carry out successful and beneficial business analyses for positions I will work, moreover I will be able to interpret those analyses properly and create an accurate and consistent business strategy. Through understanding results of analyses and the existing financial position and blending them correctly will enable me to generate the most appropriate and well structured strategies for sectors and departments I will work. Within 5 years, I see myself working for an international company as a senior analyst in the strategy or commercial finance departments. And within 10 years, I see myself in a managerial position and leading a team.

2) What are your career ambitions?
First of all, my short term career ambition is to work in the biggest international companies, especially as a business or financial analyst, thanks to the courses that I took and my internship and part-time experience increased my interest into those areas specifically. And my long term career goal is to have a place in the directorial staff in one of the biggest international companies. My preferred location to work is world's leading commercial and financial centre capitals. International banks, top consulting firms and leading FMCG companies are placed their headquarters in those capitals, therefore primarily it seems that finding a job among those plenteous alternatives could be easy; on the contrary, because of this challenging and demanding environment if you want to secure a place you want you should be ambitious, determined and resilient. I am aware of the fact that I have to be unique alternative as much as I can. In the light of this view, I have gained the skills of listening, communication, empathy, persuasion, leadership and collaboration that a manager should have. I believe that this master's degree will help me to achieve my goal of being a good manager by providing me business-thinking skills in addition to my engineering background. The academic knowledge and the real life cases that I will experience in this programme combined to my skills will help me overcoming the problems that I can encounter. Thus, I expect to achieve my dream career of being a finance or strategy director in an international company by having a excellent command of the business life. I believe through improving my business network by getting an education in one of the top universities in the world, I will get the upper hand on people who are in my position through the qualifications and experiences I will acquire.

3) Question: What part of the course is most important to you?
I think the most important part of this course offered by UCL is that they have differentiated the students coming from different disciplines like business or engineering. They are tracking either Route A or B with respect to their studies. In my case, I believe that I will gain a balanced perspective on business, with teaching that combines precise academic theory and practical application. And I will increase my career options with the programme's strong career and professional development focus. Most significantly, I will be learning alongside students from more