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UCLA research our team choose ucla as our college,because many of us want to be accepted there.Ucla is beautiful,Independent,and opportunistic.I myself really want to study at ucla.Ucla had so many opportunities that I would love to take part in.Ucla just seems right to me and other members of my group. First,getting accepted to ucla is very important.You have to present your best.The admission requirements require applicants to complete eleven of the fifteen "a-g" subject requirements by the end of junior year.For example, one of the fifteen requirements subjects history.To complete it you need to take history both years.World history,cultures,and geography junior year and split U.S History and civics into half year classes for freshmen year.Basically,the eleven subjects need to be well planned,so you can get the things that need to be required done.Coming freshmen's GPA should exceed 3.4,for non-residents.Early applicants should be submitted by november 30 starting October.January 1,filing period opens and March 2 is the deadline for all applicants to be submitted.Late March is admission notifications for freshmen.May 1 is the deadline to submit year enrollment deposits and applications for on-campus housing and the CLSH program. Next,you have to have finance,job,and budget figured out.Scholarships help out a lot with enrollment,and college basically.There are 24 UCLA schlorships for first-year students.Going to college non-residentally and just plain "going to college" is not cheap.University tuition and student -service fees is 12,692 dollars.The non-residental supplemental tuition is 22,878 dollars.Health insurance is 1,530 dollars.Books and supplies are 1,536 dollars.Room,board,transportation,and personal depend on where your living;living with relatives,residence halls,or apartments.Living with relatives is cheapest for