Uganda: Family and Jing mei Essay

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Joy Luck Club Essay
Mother and daughter relationships can be very complicated. This is because of high expectations and miscommunication. The book “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan is about the 4 relationships between Chinese mothers and daughters. Amy Tan shows us how mother and daughters are universal. One relationship that best exemplifies a mother’s expectations for her daughter is the relationship between Jing Mei and her mother Suyuan.
Jing Mei feels unsure of who she is, and her value as a person. She is very sensitive and don’t think she can be any better in life. When her mother Suyuan dies, Jing Mei has to take the place of her mother’s place in the Joy Luck Club. Jing-mei doesn’t have a great relationship with her mother. At first she sees Suyuan as a demanding with an idea of what her daughter should be. Jing-mei feels like she can’t live up to expectations and that her mom doesn’t accept her. After Suyuan’s death, and a trip to China she understands that her mother truly does love her, when she learns about her sacrifice. Suyuan is very critical of her daughter Jing Mei. She has very high expectations and there are a lot of opportunities to be successful in America. Suyuan think that Jing Mei doesn’t try hard enough to be successful. This is showed when Jing Mei isn’t very good at the piano and Suyuan says that she doesn’t try hard enough to be good. Even though she wants her to be successful she cares more about Jing Mei trying hard and being successful. This is because Suyuan came to America for her children to have opportunities. She sacrificed for her twin daughters when she abandoned them, for them to have a better life. So she expects her daughters to take