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Word count: 1231 Ugandan children and their fight against hunger Food and food price are a daily problem in the news all around the world. Many countries have not access to food as a basic right, or have a little access. Considering that people cannot eat as a normal human, there are major repercussions on their health, such as starvation. Famine is an effect of a lack of food and it kills thousands people every year. What can cause a phenomenon like this? The weather is an important factor because when there is no rainfall, there is drought, thus there is no food for the population. Conflicts and the corrupted governments are also a cause of the famine. Africa is the region that is the most affected by famine with 7 of the 10 countries that are suffering from famine. The children of Uganda, in Africa, are suffering from famine while people from developed countries have all the basic needs and do not notice what is happening to children in developing countries. The reasons of the famine in Uganda, the organizations that have been created to help the population and the use of media to save Uganda will be treated in this essay.

Firstly, Ugandan children are starving since a while because of many reasons that affect their country. If we look at the past of Uganda, more precisely in the 1980s, a major famine happened. The region of Karamoja was the most affected by this famine with some horrific facts. "The 1980 famine in Karamoja was, in terms of mortality rates, one of the worst in history. 21% of the population died, including 60% of the infants." (AWARE Uganda) Moreover, this famine caused more than 30,000 deaths in Uganda which classes it as one of the most destructive one in the world. People do not know all the reasons why a famine can occur in a country. The main factors of the famine in Uganda are mainly causes by environmental issues, as drought. Drought is a natural phenomenon that affects many countries in the world, and Uganda is unfortunately one of these. Uganda is situated in a semi-arid region with a low annual rainfall and hash climate which explain why drought is really present. Also, drought causes animal death, lack of water and poor farming practices which leads to famine because the population has not the essential needs to survive, as water and food. Children of Uganda represent a major section of the population and the morality is really high. According to the expert, many children are unable to absorb the food that they can eat, thus there are no benefits to them at all. "Twenty-five children are dying every hour" (A report for Unicef, 10) because of the lack of resources they have. On the other hand, there are also political problems, that nobody would have ever thought, that cause famine in Uganda. The government is corrupted and it generates conflicts in the population, such as war. Because there is no actual food due to drought, there are groups that are fighting to have food and there are armed conflicts that happen sometimes. Uganda has not strong economies and has not a good political structure; therefore the crisis of famine is amplified. All things considered, famine is a natural disaster causes by many reasons that lead Ugandan children in a very low situation with no resources. Secondly, many organizations have been created to help the citizens of Uganda achieving their basic rights. "Africa has had more aid than other parts of the Third World, but seems to have benefited less." (Timberlake, 36) How this could happen? Unfortunately, there are false organisms where money does not go to the countries. Similarly, governments are so corrupt that no one knows where the money goes. Besides the false organizations, there are real ones that still try to make a change. The African Union (AU) developed the necessary structures and institutions to prevent and resolve conflicts in the region. Another organization is called Action Against…