Gay Men Research Paper

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We live in a society where everything that’s anything is on the news and all over social websites. A specific issue that keeps uprising is gays and same sex marriage. There are many stereotypes about gay men; gay men have a good fashion since , most gays grow up thinking they were born gay, gay men are all “mamma boys’’ , gay men are promiscuous, they relationships never last, they recruit teen boys, people say that they are most likely to be pedophiles and, they are effeminate, they are drag queen, and that they all are gym rats and abuse drugs. Iv noticed that a handful of gay men don’t really show that they are gay and are ashamed and the rest of the gay men are really “out there” and isn’t afraid to show who they really are. Iv also noticed that gay men don’t like it when they are called faggots or they don’t like it when u joke around with your friends and call each other faggots, it very offensive to them. Another thing that I have notice that although there are a lot a gay men that dress like women a majority of them dress like the next straight man. The last thing that I have noticed is that gay men were most likely molested in their childhood.

When I first walked in there I didn’t even noticed I was at a gay parade it was so colorful I saw so many floats, most of them looked like they were portraying someone. I noticed I was being stared at and then realized where I really was after that everything got really awkward, I was awkward because a lot of MEN were staring at me, some smiling and some looked at me me as if they knew I did not belong there. To be honest I was discussed at some of the things I saw. I saw grown men in bikinis, short skirts and high heels I couldn’t believe my eyes . I didn’t think men really went all out to look like a women. As I walked around I felt I was being followed my mom said I was being paranoid but I turned around and I saw a man in some sweats following us I told my mom and she looked and start laughing and waked away , I stood there confused for a while, wondering why would my mom just leave me here !
I noticed that that the man start walking toward me I thought in my head what I would do if he comes up to me . When he got to where I was he introduced his self to me . He said his name was Jason and asked me why I was here cause obviously I wasn’t gay. I told him I was here for a school project he then asked what was I supposed to do to and I explained him the project he told me it would make since to just interview him but I told him I wasn’t supposed to take notes so he said he was just told me a story about when he realized he was gay . “I use to play football and basketball before I realized I was gay, “ he said.

He told me that he always felt uncomfortable and always found himself watching his teammates dress he said his mom about it but she didn’t really listen he said that his dad wasn’t really thee