Uk Debt Recovery Essay

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I believe that one of the solutions to the current economic crisis could be greatly helped with the following proposal. I also believe this would be one of the most inexpensive answer to lifting the United Kingdom out of the current economic crisis.

Obviously, as a ‘lay-person’ there are many things I have not thought of or do not know and I am not aware of so you would need to correct me and adjust the proposal but I do believe this to be a workable proposal.

In brief the Great Britain Economic Recovery Proposal or GB-ERP would consist of the following:

* Every employed or self employed person who is fifty or over will receive one million pounds from the government.

* Each person taking part in the GB-ERP would resign from their employment(s).

* Each person taking part would purchase or build a brand new home which would be paid for from their GB-ERP and they are required to sell their current home at the price they originally purchased it for.

* Each person taking part would invest one hundred thousand pounds of their GB-ERP into a recognized, stable investment portfolio.

* Each person taking part would donate ten thousand pounds a year for ten years to a charity of their choice.

* Each person taking part would purchase a brand new vehicle with the commitment to upgrade every two years for the next ten years.

Every employed and self-employed individual who is fifty or over and has a traceable working history within the United Kingdom for longer than twenty-five years will be given from the government, one million pounds with the following conditions.

The one million pounds will NOT be paid to the individuals taking part in the GB-ERP in one lump sum.

Legal Conditions

1. Those wishing to take part in the GB-ERP would have to sign into the agreement of the conditions within three months of the proposal being made.

2. Every individual who did not wish to take part in GB-ERP and wished to continue working would have the option to sign an opt-out of the GB-ERP, this would need to be done within a three month period of the proposal being made.

3. Once they had sign the opt-out there would be a three month grace period to reconsider their decision and still take part on the GB-ERP.

4. If neither the GB-ERP or the opt-out had been signed within the three month period of the proposal being made the default position would be that the individual had accepted the proposal.

Every individual who had signed up to take part in the GB-ERP would have to fulfil the following conditions before they would receive the final payments of the million pounds.

Condition One

1. Every individual fifty or over who had signed the GB-ERP agreement or whom had a default status in the proposal will resign from their job and provide proof of the termination of their employment contract(s) and would not be able to be employed in the United Kingdom in the future.

2. Exceptions to this condition would be those individuals who hold highly trained technical positions, high trained medical staff who would still receive the GB-ERP but would move into a teaching or training positions for up to a five year period which they would receive the minimum wage for.

3. Each individual would understand they would be entered into a GB-ERP data base.

4. No employer would be allowed to hired anyone who was on the GB-ERP data base.

5. Each Individual who produces the evidence of the termination of employment(s) will receive fifty thousand pounds paid to them in monthly installments over twelve months directly into their bank account to enable them to live while they fulfill the remaining four conditions.


The result of this would be an entire shift in the job market place with every one moving up the employment chain causing a large opening at the entry and training level of the employment ladder across every sector of industry. This would also produce