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As well as used to transport goods, people use this mode of public transport to get to desired destinations. Although there are several towns in the UK that have a train station there are still few who don’t. This makes traveling by train a little difficult to reach some destinations as it will require further transportation by car or taxi. Purchasing tickets from the British Rails in advance will help save money which will make traveling by train more affordable compared to traveling by bus or car. Ferries
Traveling by sea is used by ferry or cruise ship. For short sea crossings to the UK or between the mainland and other islands such as the Holy Island ferries is the way to travel. One of the pros about traveling on ferries, you can take your vehicle with you when you arrive at your destination. This is a more handy option when compared to traveling by plane or train. Air
Affordable low-cost airlines like the British Airways have made domestic travel by air in the UK more popular. Business travelers benefit from this, as it a simple type of transport to use. This makes traveling from one city to another much easier and less time consuming. A downside to this form of transport is dependent on the location of the airports, further modes of transportation may be needed to get to the desired final destination. Rental Cars
This form of transport is introduced through a car hire agency like Europcar hire, they rent automobiles for a short period of time. People use cars daily for short and long journeys. Cars get you exactly where you want to go without any additional mode of transport to complete your arrival at your desired destination. Carpooling with traveling companions can save you a few pounds.

Chosen 2 forms of transport
Rental Car

Four car (road) journeys

Black Mountain Road, Powys
This is of Britain’s 10 best scenic drives, the road takes you through the Brecon Beacons National Park. It’s a 5-mile drive. Isle of Wight
This is known by the locals as the Military Road. It’s a drive from Chale to unspoiled Freshwater bay, on high points you will see a full view of the whole coast. Ross and Cromarty
Also known as the Pass of the cattle scenic drive, although it has narrow single track sections, it’s a rewarding drive as you will get to see the Applecross Peninsula.…