Essay about UK vs Germany (Walmart)

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Jon Soudan
Mrs. Lindgren
Intrnl. business
1 September 2014
Walmart UK vs Germany Despite its many global successes including those in the United Kingdom, Walmart has also had some surprising failures due to its reluctancy to thouroughly adapt to local culture. One of the more notable instances is that of Germany, which came as a shock to many, seeing its previous success in such large economies. One of the fundamental differences between Walmart UK and Walmart Germany is that Walmart UK was more thouroughly integrated into Asda. The only notable physical changes were the addition of "24 Hour" on the exterior, and the layout of some stores. Another major component was cultural approaches to styles of conduct. Walmart has a well known daily routine in which the employees do a cheer in support of their "love" of and devotion to, Walmart. The corporate culture doesn't stop there however, with their policy of smiling at checkout. While many cultures find this inviting, it is not so with the Germans. Being the straightforward culture they are, many found this as flirtatious behaviour which, as one might suspect, did not work in their favor. Another reason for its failure in Germany is, one of the most important aspects of planning a business, location. When working with the already popular Asda in the UK, Walmart was given prime locations in already existing buildings. In Germany, being located on the outskirts of town, in a society where everything is bought fresh and…