Ukraine's Geographic And Geopolitical Location Influenced Its History

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Not “The Ukraine”, the refers to a region like the grasslands
“the” in textbook because bad grammar, people didn’t know
How has Ukraine's geographic and geopolitical location influenced its history?
What is the broadest and most commonly used regional division in Ukraine?
What are some of the most important features that characterize the traditional regions of Galicia, Transcarpathia, Donbas, Crimea, and Kyiv?
What are some of the important elements of Ukrainian ethnic identity?
5. What is the ethnic makeup of Ukraine?

Chapter 5:
1. Why is it difficult to prove any particular theory about the origins of Slavs and Slavic groups? What kind of evidence is used in these debates?
2. What is the minimum territory of the original Slavic homeland about which 4 major theories agree?
3. When is it possible to speak about the existence of Slavic or proto-Slavic people?
4. Who are the Antae?
5. Why was the 9th century AD (CE) a turning point for the early Slavs?
Chapter 7:
1. What are the 2 major points of controversy about the Kyivan Rus'?
2. What are the two stages in the formation of the Kyivan Rus' and what was accomplished during each of these stages?
3. What kind of a political entity was the Kyivan Rus'?
4. When and how did the Kyivan Prince Volodymyr I adopt a state religion? What was the effect of this move?
5. What were some of the accomplishments of the Kyivan Prince Iaroslav the Wise?
6. What was the system of political succession in the Kyivan Rus' and why was it problematic?

What factors contributed to the disintegration of Kyivan Rus’?
When did Kyiv fall to the Mongols and what were some of the circumstances of the Mongol invasion into the Kyivan Rus’?
Why was Galicia-Volhynia an attractive acquisition for the Kyivan Rus’ princes?
Why were princes Danylo and Lev allowed to rule their principality in peace by the Golden Horde?
When and how did the era of Kyivan Rus’ come to an end?

2/4 – Culture/Customs Ch3 pp 48-57
How is Ukrainian classified among other Slavic languages?
Eastern Slavic language
Into what 3 stages is the development of Ukrainian divided?
Old, middle, modern Ukrainian
From what languages has Ukrainian borrowed some words and why?
Turkic = encounters between Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars
Latin, German, Czech
How many words does contemporary Ukrainian have?
What were some of the restrictions imposed on Ukrainian by various foreign governments?
Poland imposed Polish
Russians restricted Ukrainian (burning, censorship, Russian standards, bans)
How did Ukrainian fare in the Soviet era?
Russification other than elementary schools + rural areas
Soviet resolution aimed to intensify learning/teaching of Russian but under criticism
What languages are spoken by the majority of Ukraine's population?
Ukrainian, Russian
How do political differences map onto linguistic preferences in contemporary Ukraine?
Western Ukraine closer ties w/ West so Ukr. But Eastern Ukraine closer Russia so Russian
Ukrainian in rural, Russian in urban and favored by labor mkt (business, media, tech professionals)
Why is the Ukrainian language considered to be the primary marker of Ukrainian national identity?
Nationality = existence to distinct language
Could mean group they identify w/ not language most spoken
Ridna mova – native language that pass from mother to child, need to protect native language, moral obligation
What is the current status of Russian in Ukraine?
Used in public and private a lot, people want to see it as 2nd national language but could undermine progress in Ukrainian
Language policies not always followed -> less Ukrainian than there should be
What is surzhyk?
Combo of Russian/Ukrainian “mix of rye and oats, poor combo” -> dissolve boundaries of two languages

Reading from Illustrated History (Chapters 21-22):
What was Mazepa’s “treacherous” act in the eyes of the Russian tsar Peter I?
How did Peter I retaliate against the Cossacks?
Into which three