Ultrasound Reflective Essay

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I am used to being the patient when I go to a hospital to visit the ultrasound department. I am the one who is using being told to change my outfit into the ugly green flower pattern grown with the opening in the back; therefore, observing the general ultrasound on the other side is boring profession to do. The nurses in this department mainly focus on the upper right quadrant which contains the gallbladder, liver, right kidney, and pancreas; the other exams they focus on are the thyroid glands, the kidneys/bladder, and six to twelve week pregnancies when scheduling patients to come see this department. While I was visiting, I got to see every type of exam they often; still, I was saddened because I could not see my familiar settings in a different hospital.
Unfortunately, I did not get to observe the cardiac/echo or vascular ultrasound, which are the exams that usually happen to me. I was scheduled for the general ultrasound department. The general ultrasound exams were a lot different than what I used too. Even though I had this new experience happen to me,
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If my mom had not be picky about me wearing my tennis shoes then we would have been out the door by the set goal. Because I had to wear business attire clothing, Mom decided to dump off my shoes onto the bedroom floor. I was panicking about my mom being late to work, hence, why I was not really looking for my shoes, so dumping the shoes onto the ground was the best decision. I was able to discover my shoes; however, they were the wrong size shoes. For the entire day, the shoes were flopping around and were not sticking to my feet. The two main reasons why I decided to keep the shoes on were because the action made my mom happy with me and I also did not know the hospitals policy about tennis shoes. Through my mom and I were late out the door, Mom was able to drop me off at the hospital and still make it to work in