Ulysses: Prison and Community Corrections Essay example

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Over the years, the Office of Probation and Community Corrections has developed many innovative programs to deal with crime and delinquency; some of these programs have become state and national models. Probation and Community Corrections is dedicated to promoting public safety through effective supervision of the approximately 3,000 defendants and probationers placed under community supervision by the courts each year. We believe protection of the community is our most important priority and that mandated intervention is the most effective model to use in a community corrections environment. Probation and Community Corrections is to protect the community through intervention in the lives of those under supervision by facilitating compliance with court orders and serving as a catalyst for positive change. We operate in collaboration with our criminal justice partners and the community. We provide services to courts, help strengthen families and give victims a voice in the justice system.
There are so many types of punishment for offenders; house arrest is a form of sentencing often used as an incarceration alternative for lower-level offenders. Those sentenced to house arrest are required to use electronic monitoring equipment, typically an ankle monitor containing a Global Positioning System device that informs authorities or probation officials if the offender violates his or her house arrest conditions. House arrest may also be used by correctional departments to monitor pre-trial defendants. Placing pre-trial defendants under electronically monitored house arrest rather than in jail conserves valuable bed space for more serious offenders who need to be kept off the streets. Monitoring pre-trial or post-sentencing offenders under house arrest involves more than simply using an ankle bracelet to confine the person to a certain boundary area. Sometimes a person under house arrest is permitted a variety of boundary areas beyond their house, such as their place of employment or certain stores.
In a drug addices punishment, seeking recovery from drugs or alcohol, it is important to identify which is the primary addiction alcohol or drugs. Due to economics, halfway houses are set up to house both alcoholics and drug addicts. Many halfway houses are run by people who themselves were at one time a halfway house resident. The houses accommodate either men or women. Most people who don’t seek recovery from alcohol or drugs will end up on skid row, in jail, an insane asylum, or dead. If you are concerned about a friend or family member, an intervention can be the best help for them if they are not yet in recovery. The good news is that 85% of interventions that are properly carried out result in the person seeking some kind of help. Most interventions carried out without help from people well versed in addiction fail.
The most common punishment for most offenders is serving life in prison. Prisons are normally surrounded by fencing, walls, earthworks, geographical features, or other barriers to prevent escape. Multiple barriers, concertina wire, electrified fencing, secured and defensible main gates, armed guard towers, lighting, motion sensors, dogs and roving patrols may all also be present depending on the level of security. Remotely controlled doors, CCTV monitoring,