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What is American Culture?
Culture is defined as the humans mixed together to form a heritage pertaining to a certain people or group. This means that culture is what makes a group of people unique based on their beliefs, likes, food, where they live, and other aspects that create their culture. A big part of the American culture is our freedom. Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Freedom is the basis of our culture; without freedom we would not be the same nation we are today. Freedom is so important to our culture, because we have the freedom to create who we are. A great example of this is our food and music.
America is a very diverse country. We have a melting pot of different cultures that contribute to our own. Since we have the freedom to create who we are, we are able to incorporate other cultures that are infused with our own. One example of this is our food. When the Chinese came to America to work, they brought along their food from their culture with them. When the Americans discovered their food, they tried to recreate and improve what they had. This is why we have fortune cookies and chop suey, and China doesn’t. Our freedom allows us to not be stuck with one food that pertains to our culture. Another example is our music. America has taken bits and pieces from other culture’s tunes in order to develop our own. Out of all the music that we have, Folk music is considered the “American” genre. This includes jazz, cowboy songs, Folk music, square-dance tunes, and Rock n’ Roll. Now with the melting pot of our culture, we have incorporated other genres to create our own such as Jazz. We can thank all that we are and have, such as freedom, to our founding fathers.
Our founding fathers based our country on the idea of individual freedom, since they didn’t feel like they had it in Brittan. Unlike other countries like Lybia that has a dictatorship, we have the…