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AP World History

Julius Caesar Essay

Julius Caesar is mostly known for his great leadership in Rome´s Empire, he accomplished everything he wanted and he did whatever it took to make it happen. He had all it took to be a good leader for Caesar all it took was courage and selfishness to get to where he was. After the fall of the Roman Empire things got very difficult for Caesar. Not even that could hold him back. Caesar was responsible for the conquest of Gaul and brought the military back to Rome and also overthrew the republic. The fall of Rome caused Western Europe to enter a period of time with political, social, and economic decline. This period was called the Dark Ages. Trading and Traveling were very dangerous at the time and there were also many invaders. It was politically divided and cut off from advanced places.
The government was also affected by the fall of Rome very greatly. It enforced high taxation, which caused revolts against the government. Although Rome was very prosperous at one point it eventually got too big and was very hard to sustain. This is one the reasons why Caesar overthrew the republic.
As the Roman Empire went into decline the soldiers started to fight for the their own generals and not the Roman Republic. The citizens stopped caring about the republic. As the military fell apart generals started to hire other mercenaries which was dangerous because they fought for money and would leave if they got a better offer. This is why it was good when