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The book “un- Spun finding the facts in a world of (disinformation)” by Brooke Jackson, and Kathleen Hall Jamieson is a very interesting book that will show you the true political war that many people don’t know about. Basically there are the truths behind the many scams people try to get quick money. “Surely it is asking too much to expect the advertiser to describe the shortcomings of his product,” By wrote by David Ogilvy in his confessions of an Advertising Man.” To me that mean that advertiser don’t want to explain their whole product because it might make the people not wanting to buy their product. Starting off this book I thought it was going to be boring and just not interesting but I started reading Chapter 1 “From Snake Oil to Emu Oil”. At first, I really thought it was a cheap way two make money on some snake oil. I thought Rattlesnake King was a smart person to advertise this product but then as I started reading the chapter it was too good to be true. He really started convincing me that the product was only 50 cents a bottle, and that he was really making money off of people. But when I saw his wanted ad about getting arrested for violating the federal food and drugs then I knew he was doing something illegal. Throughout the entire book I really learned a lot about the media, and advertising. I really didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes of the media, and advertising until I read this book. I learned that the people producing the product tell consumers lies and what they want to hear so the product can sell producing them money. Some people don’t read all the facts that they need to before they purchase the product because they don’t think it’s important. But unfortunately, they prey on people and mislead them into buying their products. I am one of those consumers that don’t do a lot of research on products that I buy. I rely on what is shown on television or in magazines which isn’t good because they can give you the wrong impression. By then, you are hooked into purchasing the product. I call this false advertisement. Companies like this sometimes will tell you half the truth. It’s especially important to read the fine print as it relates to their return policies. Companies will put special clauses in there about if the product is damaged or doesn’t work. But if you don’t read the fine print then you can sometimes be left with an ineffective product. So, I encourage everyone to read the fine print even if it’s borrowing or time consuming, because that way they won’t have a reason to take advantage of you, and you will make a decision on buying the product from your…