Uncle Rock Dagoberto Gilb Analysis

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What would one expect in the attitude of an eleven year old boy named Erick towards his mother’s suitors whose actions shows his disapproval of numerous men coming in and out of her life? Though her beauty attracts these men, but her quest to make ends meet and provide for both of them is the catalyst behind her decisions. In other words, his state of having simultaneous conflicting reactions towards his mother after watching countless relationships fail, he accepts and adjusts to an unlikely man. This tradeoff is central to “Uncle Rock” by Dagoberto Gilb.
Erick has been exposed to diverse men by his mother. He knew his mother’s dignity is at stake but kept mute since she is the only source of his dream come true. He isolates himself by keeping quiet and says nothing as well to her mom. In the first paragraph, according to Gilb “Erick drove a fork into a goopy American egg yolk and bled it into his American potatoes” (276 ). He eats his favorite food “American eggs” in annoyance when an unsolicited guest invites himself to the table, sending a body message indicating a threat to his mother that their life is better-off and would not want someone to change it all.
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As examined in the Journal of General Psychology “… the presence of a child in a woman’s life could decrease the perceived ease of sexual access, thereby decreasing the male’s feelings of romantic desire” (Schmitt et al 90). These men make efforts to connect with Erick because they see him as an obstacle to free access to his mother. For instance, when he and his mother were invited to the engineer’s house, he was given a code of conduct by his mother to behave himself. He already knows his invitation to the engineer’s house is to bait his