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Rights and Freedoms
Sources Analysis
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Q1. The novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a primary source because the letter I is used quite a bit in the text. For example in the second paragraph last sentence it says “And Why? Because, he says, I forgot who I was; he says, to teach me that I am only a nigger!” This is primary because he is talking in first person, which is like he’s talking to himself.
Q2. The physical hardships in extract one was the whipping, scolding and starving of the slaves that this guy undertook. The slave’s older sister was taken and whipped because she wanted to live a decent Christian life, as it says in the text. The girl was chained up with other slaves and taken to the markets in Orleans and was basically treated as a product that people can buy.
Q3. Physiological hardships in extract one was the boy hearing his older sister getting tortured. For example “I stood at the door and heard her whipped, when it seemed as if every blow cut into my naked heart, and I couldn’t do anything to help her: as she was whipped”. Another physiological hardship in the text was when the slave begged because he was so hungry and he would have been glad to take the bones they threw to the dogs for food. These examples state that these slaves were treated like things not humans.

Q4. Emancipation is someone sent free from the control of another especially parents that control the child’s authority. The difficulties that this text describes with the process of emancipation are that there are too many slaves to educate. The fact is that they have been raised lazy and unpractical and they have no idea of knowing how to turn themselves into proper men and women. To get the education they would have to travel north to make these people Christians. They were sent money by Christians and they asked towns and villages if they would spare there time to educate