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Unclear Decisions What is bullying? Bullying is when someone tries to intimidate someone by making the individual feel bad about themselves which is also, an aggressive behavior that is based off imbalance of power by showing the individual they are intentionally trying to hurt them in some type of way either physical, emotional, or verbal abuse, they are all misleading and can cause terrible impacts in others lives. People who witness bullying situations need to intervene and stop the problem from occurring. However, there are several reasons why witnesses don’t intervene in a bullying situation. First off the witness could feel intimidated by the bully and want nothing to do with the situation that is happening. Second, it could be that the witness is supporting the bully and enjoys the suffering of others. Last, It could be that the witness might be friends of the bully and the person being bullied so they might not want to stand up for one or the other because it could lead to an even worse situation. When a person is intimidated by the aggressor he or she tends to avoid conflict. In this situation the witness will keep quiet and not say anything. Therefore the victim suffers from either physical or emotional abuse from the bully. Bullies tend to think its okay because no one tells them what their doing is wrong, so they keep on making others feel bad about themselves. According to Tom McIntyre at behavioradvisor.com “More than 16% of United States school kids say that they have been bullied by another youngster during the current school term”. In this case no one stood up to say anything to stop it due to intimidation. Bullying never occurs with just one person bullying the other, it could be a group effort so in this case there is no one to help the victim. Perhaps the person helping the bully feels intimidated by him or her so they feel as if they should be on the bullies side to avoid being bullied themselves Therefore this is an never ending cycle and it doesn’t stop until they feel complete within themselves. Also, this tends to boost the bullys ego and make him or her feel good about making others suffer. Last, but not least most of the time the witness knows the victim and the bully. The witness becomes torn from picking either side between the two. Which makes