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Carnival Entrance Form 2014

Dear sir / Madam, Your child has asked to be a part of Margate carnival 2014, on behalf of Caroline’s Of Kent, a new wedding and event planning business based in Margate, Kent.
This year’s carnival is on Sunday 3rd August and starts from the Esplanade in Westbrook at 3pm, so we would need all participants there for 1:30pm sharp.
In keeping with the nature of the business, we are asking all participants to be dressed in wedding or smart attire. There will also be a social event at the Winter Gardens after the carnival where there will be a chance to purchase some refreshments.
If you are happy for your child to attend, please sign the permission slip below, complete the form attached and return by 30th April 2014.
If you would like further information or would like to send this form back via email, please email Caroline: Kind Regards,
Caroline Lee
Lead Planner at Caroline’s Of Kent

O I give permission for my child to take part in the Margate Carnival on 3rd August 2014.
I DO / DO NOT give permission for my child to receive medical treatment where necessary, by a qualified medical professional. (Please circle option)
O I understand it is my responsibility for my child’s travel and well-being to and from the carnival. Sign:

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