Underperforming Performance Management

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Performance Management is a strategic and deliberate process intended to improve performance to obtain better outcomes related to business. More specifically the goal is to allow people to flourish and correct issues of underperformance. When making corrections it is very important to understand the root of the problem. Frequently the cause of the issue with regards to performance is not found, thus causing the poor performance to continue (Bacal, n.d.).

According to a Chron article, there are five steps that can be used to correct an underperforming employee.

1. Documentation, make sure the HRM documents occurrences of poor performance and behavior. This will also lead to a history that can be used to review in future cases.

2. Meet with the employee in a confidential location and
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Set clear expectations, explain what is expected and create a plan for improvement. Include dates for reviews and explain the consequences for when things go off the rails.

4. Offer training and opportunities for improvement. Make sure to make resources are available and have others that can act as mentors.

5. Follow up with employees on a routine basis. If thing are going better, great if not this is the time for more progressive discipline.

Out of five, I would say meeting with your employees, setting clear expectations, and following up with employees are the three best practices for a performance evaluation system. I think if an HRM can communicate what is expected the difficult talks down the road will be much easier. If something is done wrong, it should be so evident that the employee already knows what will happen.

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