Understand Different Food and Beverage Production and Service Systems Essay

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1. Introduction 1
2. Understand different food and beverage production and service systems 2 2.1 Discuss the characteristics of food production and food and beverage service systems. 2 1.2 Discuss factors affecting recipes and menus for specific systems 4 1.3 Compare the cost and staffing implications for different systems 5 1.4 Justify the suitability of systems for particular food and beverage outlets 7
2. Understand the financial controls used in food and beverage operations 8 2.1 Discuss the use of financial statements in food and beverage operations 8 2.2 Demonstrate the use of cost and pricing process 10 2.3 Analyze the purchasing process 12
4. Conclusion 13
5. Reference 14
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Because these factors may affect the menu designed.
Menu design factors include:
Customer needs: customer need is the basic of menu. In the other words, restaurant want to satisfy customer, restaurant has to understand customer demand. Each area has different customs, different people has different taste. If restaurant offer over customer demand, customer will be surprise and satisfaction. Therefore, restaurant should design several menu of different style or flavor. In the Chateau Star River Guangzhou, Chinese restaurant menu main have Cantonese cuisine and the Sichuan cuisine. Because most southerners like eat them.
Match service style, concept, and culture: When restaurant is French service, it should select upscale a la carte menu. Different restaurant has different service style, concept, and culture. If restaurant menu don't match these, it make customers feel strange and discomfort. Therefore, we can find that the Chateau Star River Guangzhou western restaurant is more expensive. They have many expensive dishes and pay attention to service atmosphere.
Match the culinary skill set of the kitchen staff: Don’t design menu that chef don’t make it. Or kitchen hasn’t correlative facilities. When customers order the menu but restaurant don’t make it, customers will let their down. Therefore, restaurant design menu need to discuss with the chef.
Be attentive to nutritional values: