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The features of effective partnership working are to ensure there is good communication between all parties that ensure a high standard of care is delivered to the individual involved at all times. It ensures each party is covering all area’s and that all needs are met and that all partys have a good knowledge of who is delivering what to the individual and the contacts they have if other issues may arise and the access they have to these.
Partnership working with colleaugues is extremely important and is a must in all roles, this ensures that the service is delivered as a team and that all members of the team contribute their strengths to deliver a high standard of care to the individuals. It ensures that all
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If conflict can not be resolved with a colleague I would report it to my Manager who I would ask to involve themselves in resolving the situation.
My role in working with professionals is to ensure they are given the correct accurate information and that good communication is upheld at all times. I ensure that our relationship is strictly professional and I respect their opinions and knowledge. I ensure they share there expertise in having an input with the care of the individual and share access to other professionals that may be able to assist in other areas.
Procedures for developing effective communication with other professionals is to ensure that good communication is upheld at all times and that their experience and knowledge is respected. Always allow other professionals to voice their opinions and respect their opinion and input.
To agree common objectives when working with other professionals within the boundaries of own role and responsibilities I would need to ensure I applied my own knowledge of my sector and have an input when required. I must agree a plan of action with other professionals to deliver a high standard of care to the individual concerned.
To evaluate procedures for working with other professionals I must ensure I have a good knowledge of each professional and the service they deliver and what they can offer to the individual involved and any links they have to other services. I