Understand The Importance Of Equality, Diversity And Inclusion In Promoting Positive Outcomes For Children

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Understand the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion in promoting positive outcomes for children and young people

Equality is the belief that everyone should be treated equally. By following this with in the nursery and when working with children and young people it will help protect them from discrimination. It will also help them to feel valued which will in turn help them build their self-esteem. One of the ways that we show this with in the nursery is by making sure that all children have the same opportionerties and care provided to them. We also make sure that any children with different cultures or religious beliefs are equally discussed and promoted within the nursery for example by making sure we celebrate important occasions and listening to the child while they explain and show what their special occasion means to them. We also make sure we provide a variety or visual displays and pictures to encourage equality.
Diversity means to vary from the average and normal. To be diverse means to either look, act, or possess qualities different from the majority of similar people or things. Its important to make sure that each child’s needs are met this could be by ensuring that any special dietary requirement are met, for example a child who follows certain religious values may not be able to eat meat if we were to put a child who isn’t allowed meat on to a table were all the children are eating meat this may make a child feel uncomfortable so it’s important to try and seat children at meal times were they will not feel uncomfortable. We also encourage children to not be afraid of being different. We make sure we don’t stereo type anyone, for example if a boy wants to play with a doll and pram or a girl wants to play with cars we make