Essay about Understand the Process and Experience of Dementia

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Understand the process and experience of dementia

Understand the neurology of dementia
1.1 Describe a range of causes of dementia syndrome
Fixed cognitive impairments are due to a single event. Traumatic brain injury may cause generalized damage to the white matter of the brain or localized damages. A temporary reduction in the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain may lead to this type of dementia. A stroke or brain infection can also be the cause of dementia. Excessive alcoholic intake results in alcoholic dementia. Use of recreational drugs cause substance induced dementia. Once the over use of these drugs are stopped he impairment persists but may not progress. Dementia which begins gradually and worsens progressively over
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Understand the impact of recognition and diagnosis of dementia
2.1 Describe the impact of early diagnosis and follow up to diagnosis
The impact of diagnosis of dementia is the first and one of the important stages of dementia related problems. Till the time of diagnosis the individual would have been under the impression that he/she is suffering from some minor memory related problems. The moment the patient and relatives get the confirmation of dementia, the worries and fear starts. The quality of life will change drastically due to fear of lack of control on self. Other impacts are loss of dignity, loss of identity, lack of involvement, invasion of privacy, fear of losing own

home and inability to communicate needs and preferences. The social impacts include loss friends, loss of community involvement, difficulty in dealing with own finances and attitude of others. There are certain health impacts which are increased risk of falls, nutrition, personal hygiene, reduced exercise and increased likelihood of abuse. There are emotional impacts also which include neglect, physical financial and sexual, and increased likelihood of injury or harm.

2.2 Explain the importance of recording possible signs or symptoms of dementia