Understanding An Environment To Empower People With Disability

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Assessment 21382/01

Task 1
Answer the following questions and exercises:

1. Detail five (5) ways that you can support and encourage the independence and self determination of a person with a disability. * Assist people to maintain their dignity by maintaining existing valued social roles and by finding ways for them to gain more valued roles. * Respect the individual’s right to self-esteem and self-determination. It’s not just the right of able-bodied people, say something positive; catch them doing something positive. * Assist people in developing new skills and competencies by providing emotional and practical support. * Ensure they actively
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The supervisor would then commence mandatory reporting as they are required to, which may include involving the police. * It is the policy of the company that all employees should achieve and maintain agreed standards of conduct, attendance and performance and that everything within reason will be done to help all employees achieve these standards. If these standards are not achieved and disciplinary action has to be taken against employees it should:

* Be undertaken only in cases where good reason and clear evidence exist; * Be appropriate to the nature of the offence that has been committed; * Be demonstrably fair and consistent with previous action in similar circumstances; * Take place only when employees are aware of the standards that are expected of them or the rules with which they are required to conform; * Allow employees the right to be accompanied by a representative or colleague of their choice during any formal proceedings; * Allow employees the right to know exactly what charges are being made against them and to respond to those charges. * Allow employees the right of appeal against any disciplinary action through the Personal Grievance procedure under the Employment Relations Act 2000. (Internal appeal system?)

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