Essay on Understanding and Habits

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Of the seven habits, I feel that I practice number 5, seek first to understand, then be understood and number 6, synergize the most. I think my ability to synergize positively affects my teamwork skills. I can work with just about anyone and working with children helps you to hear and seek to understand others before yourself. A lot of times, I feel that people are more apt to hear you and try to understand you when you've been understanding. I am going to school to become a counselor and I feel these skills will come in handy when counseling others.

The habits that I will most like to start employing are number 1, be proactive and number 7, sharpen the saw. I would like to belive that I am proactive but sometimes I feel like I give in or up too easily. I am going through a situation, at my job, exactly like the one highlighted in the proactive paragraph. The staff and parents have been trying to see what we can do to help the situation. I think so many people have backed down because the situation seems bigger than us but I am determined to see this problem through to a solution. I think I am learning to be proactive.

Sharpening the saw is something I would like to employ because I need to jumpstart my life. Sometimes, I feel like I have hot a plateau and what better to help jumpstart a change in life but exercising? I am curently getting into a new exercising routine and I love the way that feels. Exercising my mind and my spiritual life will triple the euphoria, I