Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination Essay

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During life many people put off doing work for their own convenience. They figure that they will be able to get things done later even though they know they might not have enough time to get them done. By doing this, it’s call procrastination and it can be overcome.
Procrastination is the act of doing less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or simply doing more appealable things in place of less appealing ones, and waiting to do tasks later. People procrastinate for many different reasons. An individual can push off tasks because they quite honestly do not feel like doing the thing they have to get done is important to them. Another reason is they might just want to do it and want to be lazy. Lastly a person can have so much to do that they feel overwhelmed and do other tasks that might seem easier to get done and push off other tasks. I feel I procrastinate on occasion. I often find myself procrastinating when I get stressed about my family life, sports, or school in general. I have a hard time doing work when I feel stressed or upset about other things in life. Homework is the number one thing that I put off doing. The main reason for this is because I often put too much on myself that I later realize that I can’t handle everything I thought I could. I prioritize what I believe the most important things are to me; as a result, sometimes homework takes a back seat when I have family issues to address To avoid procrastination there is a number of things one can do. The first thing you can do is actually realize when you’re procrastinating. You have to look at yourself fully and level with yourself. Another thing you can do is to make a to do list and ranking the thing on the list from the most important thing to get done to the least important and then accomplish your tasks based on the rankings. Lastly, you can break a task down into smaller tasks and have time allotted for each of them. This way you feel like you’re accomplishing a lot in a little time and it can keep you from becoming stressed out. To help me not procrastinate I think there is two thing that would help. I need to be honest with myself and think about what I’m doing and how it will affect me later. I need to take initiative of my own actions