Essay on Understanding Children and Young Person Development

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CWDC Standards Work Pack

Standard 1: Understand the principles and values essential for fostering children and young people

Standard 2: Understand your role as a foster carer

Standard 3: Understand health and safety and safer caring

Standard 4: Know how to communicate effectively

Standard 5: Understand the development of children and young people

Standard 6: Keep children and young people safe from harm

Standard 7: Develop yourself

Standard 1:

Understand the principles and values essential for fostering children and young people

1.1a What principles and values do you think are important in caring for children?

There are many principles and values which are important in caring for
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Discrimination should not go unchallenged as it may be repeated, hence it should be discouraged.
Tolerance to accept others as equals
Seek help from carers and teachers, if and when any incident occur
Resilience to hear remarks without taking offence.

1.3a What are the 5 outcomes in ‘Every Child matters’? Give an example of how your work as a foster carer helps children and young people achieve each of these outcomes.

The 5 outcomes in ‘Every Child matters’ and an example of how young people can achieve each outcome are – Young people are developing and are very vulnerable. The price of safety is eternal vigilance – should always be stressed. -

1. Be healthy Eat a ‘balanced diet’ – protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables, fruit juices and drink water

2. Stay safe – Health and safety in the home. The young persons should know the fire procedures and smoke alarms and all fire apparatus are working. Not to be in places where they can be easily attacked by adults or other children. Always let the know where they are and their correct modile number.

3. Enjoy and achieve good health, activities and education – completion of homework. In one case a young person had to be ‘statemented’ so that he could receive special educational needs in the form of an extra tutor. The young people are generally self caring and, at times, may be reminded about their personal