Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction Essay

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Chapter 1
The funny thing about addictions is the fact that you can’t break away from them so easily. A lot of addicts either obsess over boy bands, celebrities, sex, drugs, etc. Whatever it is they’re addicted to it’s so intoxicating that sometimes they just don’t want to let it go. To be honest I wish I was addicted to something else like drugs or sex.
My name is Soul Eater and my particular drug is much more poisonous than anything else. I’ve been the DJ business for a few years after being chased out of the house by my so-called parents. My ass-hole of a brother probably had something to do with it. Ever since then I changed my last name from Evans to Eater instead.
*I want you to make me believe this is the first time
And I got to say to you
The music blasted within the club walls mixed with the screams of the crowd, who were dancing madly to the beats. The club lights flickered on and off making the audience seem more animate than usual. At the dead centre of it all was a man controlling and manipulating all this madness with his music. His mouth hidden a black mask as he played, his eyes glow bright red in the dark.
“Yo Soul.” called in a voice making a red eyed man with snow white hair turn around “Someone is here to see you.”
“Coming.” Answered the albino pulling down his headphones before hopping off the DJ booth towards the bar area.
A smirk spread across his face as his eyes landed on an ash-blonde who was sitting on the bar stool bobbing her head slightly. He noticed her earphones making him mutter ‘of course’ before walking behind the woman. The albino unplugged her earphone before blowing into her ear making her shriek.
“Gawd Soul can’t you fuckin greet me without raising my blood pressure.” She spat rubbing her ear against her shoulder
“When did you get back?” he cocked with hands in his pockets “I haven’t seen you for two weeks.”