Understanding Inclusive Learning And Teaching In Lifelong Learning

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Unit 002

Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning

In my teaching role, a variety of teaching and learning strategies can be used depending on the content of the session.

I would firstly introduce myself and my background and the subject the training course would be about, Explain the risks and health and safety aspects of this course to make sure that the learners can work in a safe working environment. I would also run through the Times e.g. how long the session is, break and lunch times etc. Explain that the session will be open to any questions at any time and also there will be an open session at the end to welcome any question about the session that was misunderstood or the learner needing more information regarding whichever part of the session needed.

If the purpose of the session is to increase the learner’s knowledge on a topic, the IKEA method is a useful tool to transfer knowledge and follow the format below.
Information Delivery – I would speak about a subject introducing new info to learners.
Knowledge Check – I would give the learner questions on info given to make sure they are up to speed.
Expand Knowledge – I would give more information developing on the first info given.
Activity - I would have the learners complete an activity with will consolidate what they have just learnt.

I would also make the course friendly and interesting in the detail I would present it. Also using the EDIP method with would include:

Explain – The course should be presented in an Interesting and friendly detail.
Demonstrate – I would use a Video Tutorial for this.
Imitate – (Ask questions regarding the video – question will be based on mainly chapter 8 relations)
Practice – Split into group with handouts to complete a task.

I would give out good information packs to the learners to ensure that it