Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning Essay

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Task 1
For the purpose of this essay I will be looking into my roles, responsibilities and relationships in the lifelong learning.

For the past five years and half years I have worked at Colchester Institute. I initially worked as a learning support assistant providing support for a alternative education programme. For the past six months I have assumed the role of Assessor on the programme.
This programme provides education for disaffected 15-16 year olds who cannot access mainstream education. The members of the group are both male and female who have a variety of issues, many have challenging behaviour.

1.1 In my
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2.2 Most of the learners on my course have very complicated learning needs and social issues. It is important for me to have regular tutorials with the learners to discuss any issues they may have. The personal problems they have could be barriers to them not making progress in their learning. It is essential that I identify their needs and then decide who to refer them to. I would refer the learner to the appropriate organisation or the specialist that can help them with their specific needs. Examples of the referral: * College Counsellor * Safeguarding officer * EYPDAS * Corner stones
One of the external agencies I have mentioned is EYPDAS this stands for` Essex young Peoples drug and alcohol service. ` EYPDAS helps young people with their drug or alcohol problem by * Providing confidential advice and information on drugs and alcohol. * Working with the young person and their family * Helping young people to get help with their addiction * Meeting with the young person where they feel comfortable to talk * Helping young people join support groups.
I have found EYPDAS very helpful and always willing to meet one of my learners if they need there service.

2.3 In my role it is essential that I work closely with other members of staff and to liaise with other professionals internally and externally to ensure that all the learners’ needs are being