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Personal Responsibiity
Shan Madaris
Gen 200
July 23, 2013

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is taking accountability for actions taken and the manner in which one is viewed. Displaying “great” leadership qualities as well as being responsible for all work and school assignments are a must. Perfect attendance as well as completing work and school assignments in a timely manner is a very important role in personal growth. Returning to school allows one to forward life and career advancements, and to be an example to all that it is never too late to achieve academic goals. One’s personal goal when retuning back to college is to earn a degree in BA in Business Administration which will assist in furthering a career as an IT professional. A personal goal in life is to make sure one can provide financially for multiple children who will attend college (Haskins, 2009) “The demise of personal responsibility occurs when individuals blame their family, their peers, their economic circumstances, or their society for their own failure to meet standards. The three areas of personal decision making in which the nation’s youth and young adults most need to learn and practice personal responsibility are education, sexual behavior and marriage, and work.” Being a role model as well as a mentor to children, leading by example is an important role played by responsible individuals. Working in a team environment allows others point of view to be taken into consideration when completing projects. A team also allows time management to come into play. When work is shared and divided evenly, meeting deadlines becomes easy to achieve. One of the down falls when working in a team environment is not coming together cohesively to achieve the goal. Pulling one’s weight is an important tasking when working as a team. Each individual is responsible for a part in the assignment that is attached to final project being completed. Be the type of person one can depend on is very important. (Darlena Cunha, ND) “Teamwork is one of the hardest but most valuable parts of any successful operation. When you combine the skills of various workers, you create a product that otherwise would have been unachievable. To get to that place, workers need to listen, advise and compromise freely. Keeping ideas flowing in a positive manner is more difficult than it sounds, especially when egos or ambitions are on the line. But overcoming obstacles to teamwork is essential for a successful endeavor” Goals are statements that can identify some benchmarks needed to accomplish to meet academic requirements. Most likely one will need to address some possible stumbling blocks that will enable the upcoming journey, making it more difficult to accomplish set goals. Procrastination plays a huge part in one’s success. Putting things off for later is never a good sign on the road to success. Procrastination leaves one feeling discouraged, overwhelmed and