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Understanding Personalities
CMGT/530 - IT Organizational Behavior
May 13, 2013
Understanding Personalities This project, in general is to help to understand the importance of personality classification and how to determine whether a person is introvert or extrovert. For this assignment was used a random test from the Internet source therefore should be determined if the selected test is accurate and able to provide true results. The second task is to determine the effect of the test results on future behavior with boss, employees or subordinates. First, there is a need to define meanings of introvert and extrovert person. Extroverts are people, who love to have others around them. Basically, they like crowd and noisy atmospheres. In contrast of extroverts introverts are totally opposite individuals. They do not like noise and attention to them. Introverts love only a few people. They do not gather hundreds of people around them to be in the center of attention. Extroverts often perceive introverts as boring while they themselves are described as loud and cheeky. Usually extroverts are lonely when there are no people around, but introverts are lonely when they are in a company of unknown or even known people. Sometimes people think that the behavior of extroverts is antisocial, but it is not really right as some of them can act in one way, and the others can be way different (Hilling, 2012). It is important, for everybody to know, if you are extrovert or introvert for knowing yourself better, find your place in this life, get a job you like, or just do things you prefer to do. You should listen to yourselves instead of doing whatever somebody tells you. Life is not so long, and everybody has a right to be happy. There are many tests that can perform the task for identifying personality type but was selected the one, created by Susan Cain. This test is targeted to determine if the person is introvert or extrovert. It contains only 20 questions and requires only true or false answers (See Appendix A). The more answers false, the more extroverted individual is. This test was chosen because it does not contain too many questions, and they are short and clear (Cain, 2011). I took this test and I want to note that it has very clear and understandable questions. No wonder, as it is easier to answer questions that require only true or false answer rather than questions with multiple choices. It is always easier to find out if you agree with the statement or not. Questions in this quiz developed in such way that the answers come up by itself without deep thinking. That’s why this quiz can be characterized as accurate one. Also is very important to any test like this to have fewer questions because usually people are not so patient answering hundred or even more questions. After this small research, the conclusion was made that selected assessment test is effective and accurate. In regard to my experience with this test, I can note that it really accurately described my character and my behavior. I have answered 14 questions as true and only six of them I answered as false. My result is - introvert by 70%. I was really surprised how accurate these questions described my style. Before, I took another quiz that had around 80 questions. By the end of the test, I started answering randomly without any interest to the test because I was already bored with it. I came to the conclusion that Susan’s test is more accurate and effective. As for me, the test outcomes will not make any changes to my attitude to other people and situations because it is hard to change your own biases and assumptions that were set during your whole life. I do not really believe that taking some test from the Internet can change anything globally. Probably it can just create a basis for a reflection on what could be changed in the relationship with managers, coworkers or subordinates. Though, I will take a thought about this and I will