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Understanding the basics of a major incident By Kaine Grist

P1- What is a major incident?
• A major incident is defined as a important event, which needs a response outside the routine, resulting from unrestrained developments in the course of the operation of any founding or passing work activity.
• Examples of major incidents include:
• 7/7 London bombings
• London riots
• Chernobyl
• Indian ocean tsunami

P2-There are 3 different types of major incidents.
• Natural causes
• Human causes
• Technological causes

P2- Natural causes
• One type of major incident is natural causes. This is a major incident were nobody can be blamed, the earth is the reason this happen and humans cant do anything about them. An example of this is hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunami.
• A couple of major incidents like this is:
• 2004 Indian ocean tsunami
• Somerset flooding's

P2- Human causes
• A human cause of a major incident is were a person is at fault for this incident. A human cause is a type of thing like a plane crash were the pilot made a mistake, terrorism or a drive error.
• Human causes in major incidents include:
• 2004 Buncefield oil fire
• 7/7 bombings

P2-Technological causes
• A Technological cause is where the machine or piece of technology is at fault. This could be things like wires messing up, design flaws or equipment failure.
• Examples of technological causes include:
• Plane crashes
• Some types of fires

P3- effects of major incidents
• The effects of major incidents can be huge for example during the 2004 tsunami people lost everything they have. People saw the homes, business and cars all float away as they rescued to safety. They also saw family members swept away never to be seen again. The tsunami caused physical and emotional distress.

P3- effects of major incidents
Case study
• The 7/7 bombings killed and injured lots of people but also left many others suffering severe consequences. A women named
Lisa was on a bus that was attacked.

http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Post-traumatic-s tress-disorder/Pages/Introduction.aspx London riots- 2011
• The London