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Rugby world cup
Rugby is a well-known sport, A few people think to be a good rugby team you need brute strength or agility and speed. But good coaches and rugby lovers know to be a good team you need to communicate and have every player be where they are needed and put 100% into trainings and games rugby doesn’t require the biggest or faster people to play but does require knowledge of the sport. Over the year’s rugby world cups have been exiting events hosting in different locations every four years, it’s an event that gives the world a chance to see the top rugby teams play and determine who the best team.
Rugby is one of the sports that teach the players people skills, how to talk to players set boundaries and even know your restraints this is cause having to deal with people every game or every training you learn more not just about your team but also about people in general. Rugby is a sport that you can find yourself easily court up in with the commentators leaving you hanging on your seat when theirs a run away or even hearing the stadium chant for a team. Knowing that the winning team is the one you supported and even maybe giving them reason to push themselves hearing the crowd not give up and keeping hope throughout the game letting the players know everyone in the stadium came to watch them play rugby and hopefully watch them win.
Rugby world cup is a massive social event that’s been around since 1987 and was co-hosted by new Zealand and Australia the winners of the rugby world cup up to date are new Zealand twice Australia twice south Africa twice and England once. The rugby world cup unites a country together and makes it stronger. in 1995 in South Africa Nelson Mandela was voted president being the first black president the country weren’t all happy with the new president. With Nelson Mandela regularly making appearances at the Springboks training and games showing the country he is the new leader and will attend to not only the big problems of the country but the small ones like supporting his countries team.
The springboks winning while Nelson Mandela was in power in 1995 changed the country for better proving even with a black president the country is the same and that the springbok’s blacks and white players can play together and brings home the world cup. the final game of the 1995 rugby world cup was the most intense game and was the best environment to be in with all of the country watch or listening to the game all the country cheering for one team together not as blacks and whites but together as a country this was the final step for south Africa to accept its new leader and it was due to the rugby world cup

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