Understanding The Organisation In Which You Work

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1.1 Understanding the organisation in which you work.
At Cambian we have policies and procedures which can be obtained from our website Cambian point all policies are kept on this site and a search space is available to search for the related policy you require, some of the polices we use are as follows:-

Some policies are required by law, some are commonly required by funders and others are chosen by the organisations themselves to help make sure that they fulfil their duties and that the organisation runs consistently, fairly and smoothly.
Most organisations need to adopt more policies as they expand and develop the work that they do, change how they do their work, and increase the scope of their good practice.

Policies say what an organisation wishes to happen, for example “We want everyone to have equal access to our services”. Procedures say how an organisation has decided to make it happen, for example “We will provide our information in different languages”. All policies need procedures to make them happen in practice.

It is important to keep your policies and procedures under review. Your needs as an organisation might change, or the law might change, either of which might mean you need to adopt new policies or to update existing ones.
In particular, if you begin to employ staff, there will be several policies required by law, and several others it is wise to have.
Policies and procedures are only effective if people know about them and know how to follow them. This means:
Training people when a new policy is put in place
Updating people when an existing policy is changed
Making sure policies and procedures form part of the induction for all new people, whether trustees, volunteers or staff
The policies and procedures you need are mainly determined by what your organisation does and how it works.
This document lists the more common policies we use. The list doesn’t cover every policy Cambian has as an organisation, but it does list most of the policies.
Health and Safety
Sickness and absence
TOIL (Time Off In Lieu)
Parental leave – maternity / paternity
Compassionate leave
Bad weather
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
Health and Safety
Data Protection
Conflict of Interest
User involvement
Equality and Diversity
Financial Controls

There is a wide range of legislation to which care homes such as Devon Lodge must adhere to, including registration and inspection, buildings management, human resources and standards of care and so on. The aim of this section is to bring together all the relevant legislation, making it easier for staff and managers of care homes to access.
In addition to providing access to a range of legislation, there are publications, web links, and organisations which provide information, support and guidance on the legislation relating to the management and operation of care homes such as Devon Lodge.

The majority of staff across the Cambian deal with sensitive and confidential data, be it staff or client based, on a regular basis
This data should be treated at all times with care and respect; as if you were dealing directly with the person to whom it belongs.
Mishandling of this information can have far reaching consequences for the business, the individual whom the data is about or for you as an individual.
To assist in understanding what Data is and how as a business you as an individual are expected to protect it, Cambian has devised an E-Learning module specifically on this subject which you as an individual are required to work through as part of your Cambian Learning process.
1.2 Understand your role within the organisation. Devon Lodge is a friendly and proactive environment and staff work well as a team which reflects on the residents we care for as they are included in their daily care and activities we use a person