Understanding Your Audience Essay

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Understanding Your Audience
An Audience that Might Benefit from the Message from Week 2 Video
Week 2 video message was a written policy of cooperation between campus security and city law enforcement. The audience that might benefit from the message delivered in week 2 video can be the HBCU institution of higher education, which is president, cabinet members, dean of student affairs, and campus security; also, the local law enforcement such as the police chief and police supervisory personnel.
Characteristics Specific of the Audiences
The audiences consist of HBCU Administration, Disciplinary officer, security and local law enforcement personnel. With this being said, an institution of higher education can be a multicultural environment, which consist of people from different demographics, social, economic situations, as well as other countries. According to Anonymous (2004) language can be a fact; it is stated that “language barriers between public safety personnel and the communities they serve are a natural consequence” (p. 1). With this being said, it is important that a written policy of cooperation be in place so that we can better serve the campus community and maintain a safe environment conducive for learning. You are aware of the fact that negative behavior can occur on a college campus. With this in mind, it is important that the institution address negative behavior through the Dean of Student Affairs Office according to the student handbook.
For your information, the role and responsibilities of local law enforcement and campus security should be defined in order to coordinate the prevention, response, and recovery of critical incidents on campus. The role of local law enforcement can vary on a campus depending on capability of the campus security department. Your campus do not have a sworn public safety officers, therefore, local law enforcement can have the primary jurisdiction and have a greater response obligation. Local law enforcement must know the duties security officers are expected to complete during critical incident response. The campus security department specifically the Chief or the Dean, will take the lead on almost all issues and concern related to security on campus. It will be the responsibility of campus security to request assistance from local law enforcement agencies.
Potential challenges in communicating the message to the selected audience
A potential challenge in communicating the message to an audience of ethnic/racial minority is language. Language barrier with the audience can be a fundamental challenge. For instance, if the audience was of African descent or another ethnic group communication can be a challenge. Another challenge is getting a