Understanding the Principle of Professional Development Essay

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SHC 52
Understand the principles of professional development
In order to develop our knowledge further we must be able to reflect on our current practice.
Reflecting on our own practice is important because it allows us to assess what we are doing well and identify areas where we might like/need more training or guidance. This will help to ensure that we are performing to the best we can and are meeting all necessary standards and expectations within our nursery’s policies and procedures. It helps individuals to think about what they are doing and to always be aware of how they work with the children, families and team members.
By Reflecting on our practice we can enhance and improve our confidence and self esteem because you can look
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Work commitments – We could look at the possibility of allowing time during their working hours to take time to reflect on their practice, to study if necessary and to undertake training courses.

My personal development – At work I have many responsibilities, including safeguarding of the children, employment and deployment of staff, shift rotas, arranging holiday/sickness cover, keeping parents informed about things happening within the setting and much more. I have also just completed a course in ‘Equality and Diversity’ and am starting my L5 in ‘Leadership and Management’.
From time to time I come across many different barriers, some of which are:
Time: Time management is very important and often situations come up which need to be death with at the time. For example a child become ill and the parents need to be contacted, I get a phone call from the school saying I need to collect my child as he is unwell or my computer freezes.
Family commitments – I have 2 children which need my attention in the evenings. I need to do things like cooking dinner, giving my little one a bath, spending quality time with my husband and children is very important to me and is often a priority. I may need to take time out for a family holiday or to take one of the children to the doctors or dentist. All of this has an impact on the amount of time I can spend completing my college work and sometime my work tasks.
Courses – There are often mini top up courses that are