Undocumented Immigrants Essay

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We deserve to be heard
The American Dream

I hope that one day, I can tell my kids how blessed they are to be born in America. Immigrants who had to be come from a foreign country, understand how hard it is to live an immigrant life. The kids of today won’t understand the struggle that immigrants have gone through. They don’t have the same equality and rights that citizens have. Immigrants should be able to receive legal benefits because they will be able to qualify for health care, they will be able to get a driver’s license to drive legally, also immigrants would be able to qualify for a legal social security to work legally. Immigrants should be able to get legal benefits because they will be able to qualify for health care, they will
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Many immigrants go get their prescribed medicine and they cannot get it because the medicine is to expensive. Sources state that undocumented immigrants are not eligible for federally funded public health insurance programs. Sources provide information saying that “undocumented immigrants cannot qualify for health insurance”. Which means that if they don’t have medical help, they cannot get prescribed medicine unless they are willing to pay an expensive amount for it. In many cases, immigrants have to do things that risk their life, in this case it’s not getting medicine that they need because they can’t afford it, in other cases, it’s driving illegally.

A benefit that helps immigrants, is to be able to drive legally but they cannot drive legally because they do not a legal social security. Undocumented people in the United States cannot get the documents required for a driver’s license. “Immigrants in the country, illegally cannot produce the necessary documents to obtain a driver’s license under state laws”. The source provides a clear message of why immigrants can’t get a driver’s license. Immigrants deserve to be able drive legally. Driving illegally can lead to deportation or