Unearned Privilege Research Paper

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Privilege is defined as a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most (dictionary.com). These privileges can vary from small everyday things such as, being followed in a store, to the reality that people are faced with everyday until death meaning discrimination as a whole. Privileges have been given to people from the beginning of time and has become a social norm. However, when these privileges are unearned it becomes an issue. There are everyday examples of unearned privileges that society has accepted such as, receiving the proper education no matter where you go to school, to the point where the ones at the disadvantage don’t think much of it, and the ones at advantage think they’ve earned it. Furthermore, there is a recognition of the unearned privilege but there is more to do in order to limit, and understand unearned privilege without causing a riot.
Unearned privilege goes beyond gender and race. Both males and females receive unearned advantage simply because of gender. However, male are given privileges that exceeds the amount that females receive. For example, male in the work force make more than female even if both
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MTV news wrote an article called “9 Way You Can Use Your White Privilege for Good” by Kristina Marusic. The article lists nine ways white people can use white people for good, and details the ways white people can help fight against white privilege and help create meaningful change. One example the article details is to educate self about white privilege, the article explains that white people should educate each other about their background and the history of their skin, and the fact that white people have historically been afforded privileges due to race. The fact that an article has been published shows the procession that we have come, it would have been difficult to publish such article 50 years