Essay on Unemployment and Introduction-the Great Depression

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Introduction-The Great Depression started in America, but also spread around the world. Australia was affected quite severely. Australia borrowed money from overseas lenders while Australia still had to pay loans. The depression caused the price of products that overseas countries were buying to drop. Most people lost their jobs. The rate of unemployment was exceptionally high.

Relief work-The depression meant not many people had jobs, most were unemployed. Everyone was looking for work which made it even harder for one to get a job; many couldn’t even afford food which caused society to starve.
The Unemployment Relief Works Program built roads, pools, buildings and lots of other facilities helping hundreds of people get jobs and employment in some sort.
The government also helped out and provided some relief work for people without jobs and don’t want to be employed, but they were paid less than an average worker would be paid.

Evictions- Most people got evicted from their houses because they couldn’t afford to pay their rent or were forced to sell their house to survive; it was one of the major impacts of the Depression. These families didn’t have anywhere to live so they moved to poorly built and run down houses in Happy Valley, that is where a lot of unemployed people lived.

Dole queues- Welfare payments were handed out to the unemployed, a lot of men wandered side by side searching for work. even though there was a dole, the government didn’t give any support for rent or clothing. The unemployed queues could be found through Australia.

Protests- At the start of the depression most of the people who were thrown out