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Success or Failure after Prison: Are Ex-Felons given a fair chance?
Ms. Demetria R. Jackson
February 26, 2012
Mrs. Brenda Winston

Success or Failure after Prison: Are Ex-Felons given a fair chance?
Demetria R. Jackson
Analytic Presentation Outline
For year’s government and state officials in Arkansas have created programs designed to ensure that someone released from prison would have the skill, know-how, and resources to obtain and keep a job to operate in society. However, are ex-felons really given the chance to start over again? Some would say “yes” while others would surely say “no”. There are several resources that tax payers give money to in order for those being released from prison can get and maintain a job. In reality those resources are not make well known to individuals with criminal histories. When ex-felons mark the felon box on a job application it seems it automatically puts a “trouble” stamp on their backs. For a lot of felons this box has kept them in the unemployment line or caused them to become welfare recipients to survive. I posted this question to friends on Facebook to see what type of response I would get back. I was surprised to hear from individual who have both been correctional officers and inmates.
Thesis Statement Although there are several programs designed to assist ex-felons this method may not be enough to give someone that has been to prison that new start that he/she needs.
Paper Body I. Former inmates and Correctional officers feel that those individuals that have been to prison are judged based on their past and not given the chance at employment out of fear of their criminal history. A. Those with criminal histories and have gone to prison are often discriminated against due to their background. B. Tax-payers dollars pay to provide programs for inmates to develop skills and degrees that are not being put to use. II. While serving a prison sentence, inmates are given the chance to gain a High School and College education. In addition, programs are in place to teach them a skill or trade to help obtain employment upon release. A. There are teachers and professors put in place at the prisons to give inmates the proper education in prison to help them pursue and gain a career after prison. B. The Arkansas Department of Correction (ADOC) have Work-Release programs that inmates participate in to save money for release and care for themselves while in prison. These prisoners work side by side on a daily basis with other in society at local employment around the state. III. Educating prisoners on the resources available to them to help aid in employment could reduce the unemployment and prison return…