Essay on Unemployment Rate Among Blacks and Why It Is High

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There has been a constant fall in unemployment amongst black people. Society and their stereotypes about black people have a lot to do with it. Discrimination is also a reason. Millions of African Americans live in communities that lack access to good jobs and good schools and suffer from high crime rates. African American adults are about twice as likely to be unemployed as whites, black students delay their white peers in educational completion and achievement, and African American communities tend to have higher than average crime rates. These issues have been persistent problems. I chose to write on this issue because I am a black female that will be seeking employment and I am concerned about the wellbeing of my future.
This issue
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And black students are more likely to fall on the wrong side of the growing education gap between the rich and the poor. Though a lot of blacks are uneducated a large number are and unemployment amongst this group is also at an all-time high. I think people try to ignore the fact that racial discrimination is part of the reason why and it should not be ignored. In some cases black educated people could be more a more qualified candidate for a job but because they are of color the employer would choose the incompetent white person instead. Because of this, you have some blacks who lose hope and give up trying to seek employment. It has been found that certain employers weed out the applications of blacks who have been unemployed for quite some time and not being looked at as discrimination.
Media and television is a significant reason towards this issue. In a lot of rap videos the image that is portrayed is what they think would be better suited for them. Money, clothes, jewelry, cars, and drugs are the main things talked about in these songs and videos influencing younger black people to want only that. You also have black females in these videos that are half naked with flashy items as well so in the young mind, that is the easy way out so having to go through the necessary steps to applying for a job is too much of a hassle. There are also reality