Unemployment: Unemployment and Canada Create Jobs Essay

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Debate ways of Solving Unemployment in Canada
Create jobs by repaving roads, building dams, rebuilding houses, warehouses and buildings. This increases government spending. Its not like the government is losing much money, because the money they pay the workers will be circulated back into the economy through the purchase of food, clothes, and rent or mortgage payments. Keynesian economics
Try to let kids know that not everybody needs a university degree to be successful. This allows people to develop other skills in the trades or college that doesn’t necessarily need a university degree, there are a lot of jobs needed in the trades for example electricians and plumbers. Too many kids are getting university degrees and not being able to use them, as there aren’t enough jobs.
We know that most jobs are being more and more technologically advanced, which eventually would take away jobs from Canadians. So I say we either not use all the technology but to use the people resources more even if it means hiring more people to increase the production. Or we start making factories to produce the technologies in mass quantities. This will give jobs to the people working in the factories, the roads needed to get to the factories, the building of the factories, more public transit to the factories, more auto care as people will have cars which will result in more mechanics.
The CEO of Siemens' U.S. subsidiary says that his company has at least 3,200 open jobs it's trying to staff. Everyone from industry giants like Microsoft to small- and medium-sized businesses like Begal Enterprises, a disaster-cleanup company in Maryland, are struggling to find qualified employees for their open jobs. Fixing this imbalance and matching job openings with willing talent will go a long way toward restarting a virtuous economic cycle: when companies expand, they pay more taxes, consume