Unequal: Karl Marx and Article Schuman Essay

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The Unequal Struggle

The global economy is in a long-drawn-out crisis where working people in the United States, and around the world, are facing the harsh task of finding jobs to lower their increasing debt. Michael Schuman is a journalist and an author. He specializes in Asian politics, economics and history. Schuman wrote an article titled Marx's Revenge; where he talks about how the world is now being shaped by the class struggles. In the article Schuman addresses Karl Marx's theory "The system is inherently unjust and self destructive." (Schuman) With class struggles we also see competitiveness. Robert B Reich is the author of Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday life. In his book Reich goes over the origins of our highly competitive and globalize economy. Technology is one of the main factors that changed our economy. In The Endless Crisis by John Bellamy Foster explains the stagnation of the capitalist economy. One can easily see the dramatic shift, from financial crisis to dramatic stagnation. With the economic stagnation there is also debt. David Graber is the author if Debt: The First 500 years. The book goes through the history that lead to our modern-day economic crisis. There are many that may argue it is the competitiveness, stagnation, or even technology that have led to our economic crisis. It seems that all these factors have equally contributed to this the long drawn out crisis. Capitalism was suppose to be the answer to the worlds problems. The world was going to rise in both wealth and welfare; yet the complete opposite occurred. We ended up in the middle of an economic crisis. Its is a struggle between the rich and the poor; just as Marx predicted. In the article Marx's Revenge by Michael Schumann it is easy to prove that the rich are only getting richer. The poor on the other hand just keep getting more into debt. One of the consequences of the system being so unjust have led class struggle to only rise. Society is new unequally divided into the 99% of working people and the 1% of rich people. Nowadays mostly everything that we buy has a tag stating it was made in China, or other countries around the world. While the production of products has gone increasing up, the prices have been decreasing . It costs companies less money to set factories up abroad. Meaning they also don't have to pay workers as much as they would in the United States. Schuman explains how one of the ways the rich are getting richer is by exploiting workers who are in factories abroad. Schuman states that "Resentment is reaching a boiling point in China's factory towns." People who work so hard, to make everyday essentials and luxurious products for the rest of the world, face difficult working conditions everyday. They have to deal with long hours, harsh working conditions, and the pay is often to low. China's factory workers Guan Guohau state "That the way the rich get ricer is through is through exploiting the workers"(Schuman). Many workers around the world are not well informed of their right. Works around the world are simply not joining together to demand better working conditions and better pay. Schuman states that the only way workers of the world might just unit is if the policymakers do not expand economic opportunities. One of the most powerful tools in today's economy is technology. People all around the world have access to technology, one of the most important being the internet. Workers from all over the world state that the reason the rich are getting richer is due to the fact that they exploit their workers. In Schuman's article he states that, if the same workers who complain would join together and use technology they could have the power. The same technology they could use to obtain power is the one that led them to where they are today. In the book Supercapitalism ,Reich states that is was during the late 1960's and early 1970's is when technology transformed