Unethical Behaviour Essay

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Assignment on Business Ethics

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Discuss why so many managers in Asia businesses display short term thinking by operating unethically and practical recommendations to correct the behaviour

Unethical behaviour can be defined as any activity which is not fair, legal, unhealthy, or legal

The Unethical behaviour are adopted in all the companies around the world but all the unethical behaviour by the Managers or companies can punish in the terms of law as some can be illegal in the terms of law but some not might be illegal in the terms because the rules and regulations of any country around the world have limitations or they don’t cover all the unethical activity

If we compare all the continents around the world in terms of practises of Unethical behaviour the Asian Continent is the place where most of the Unethical activities are practised and the activities are performed for short term activities

There are lot of reasons behind the unethical behaviour practises by Asian Managers which includes

• Increase in sales and revenues

• Increase in profits

• Cost cutting

• Growth and expansion

• Personal benefits

• Government rigid plans and policies

• Trade Unions

• Management pressure

• Market Conditions

• Competitors Plans and Strategies

All the above points are briefly explained below

• Increase in Sales and Revenue:-

The Unethical behaviour are practised to Increase sales and revenue as the managers have their daily , weekly , monthly targets to achieve to sustain to make commission and incentives . Now a days it also necessary to sustain their jobs

The very good example can be of Medical Representatives paying cash incentives to promote their medicine (medicine may not be worth)

• Growth and Expansion :-

The Manager for perform Unethical for growth and expansion the reason can be personal or for the company or both.

For doing certain kind of business such as Liquor , Fire Crackers and Hazardous chemical requires permission and licences from the government and local authorities and the process to get these licences and permission is lengthy and strict it takes several months to get the licences and to easily and faster they bribe the Government officers

In this short term they might get the licences but in long term this might be dangerous to the company and employees as all the aspects of safety and health are not given much importance and licences is issued by the Government officers

• Increase in profits :-

Now a day’s cut and throat competition the managers have to practise unethical behaviour

I can share a very good example there are various contracts and tenders work of government and local authorities which are get though private companies and contractors and the managers of the company bribe the Government employees to get the contracts and tender which is unethical behaviour .This is results is increase in profits because they quote the higher price

Another example on Increase in profits will In India during festive season the demand for clothing, accessories is on high and the Sales Managers in small companies reduce the supply to retailers and sell them at higher price during festive season

• Cost Cutting :-

This is the aspect where the managers perform numbers of short term unethical behaviour

Basically the cost cutting is done to reduce the cost of the company but this is beneficial in short term as the company will save the money

This is various area s where the company can do cost cutting Employees wages and salary, health, Insurance and safety aspects, restructure and