Essay on Unexplainable: Green Man and Dr. Aaron Boone

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The Unexplainable
Aunt Opal,

In my normal town in Oklahoma, my class and I went on a field trip for social studies. The place my teacher chose to go to was not the museum but the house of one of the most famous people in history. Dr. Aaron Boone’s house.
He was one of the most famous people in history because of his money. Which was about a total of $ 3.2 billion? He turned out to be the richest man in the world. All of his money came from his oil plant in Oklahoma. He started his business as a poor man in his twenties who made about $10 a month at a farm. He was at his house after a hard day at work. He was at the creek making a damn in it when oil started squirting out. So this was the day he became rich he started offering oil to businesses and when he had enough money he started his own plant in Oklahoma. Then when he got older it turned into his house which was where we were going.
As we got there I noticed that his house was a civil war type house. This had a grey outside that probably hadn’t been painted in eighty years! Also from the outside it looked as if there were four floors. Next to the door there were dead white flowers that were a mixture of white and grey. The steps to the door were as grey as the moon in the morning and were cracked at places. Part of the porch had been caved in from a canon ball from the looks of it.
After we all got inside I noticed that there were two stair cases leading to the upstairs and there were two more that lead into the basement and the attic. Then all of a sudden the door whipped shut. Ms. Howard bolted towards the door to try to unlock it but it was no use it was like glue. Then she tried to call 911but the service wasn’t to good here, it was like a dead zone. Since we were originally going to spend the night there we had food and sleeping equipment with us. Ms. Howard got us to settle down and eat our lunches. About six hours later of searching the main floor she told us to try and go to sleep. At about 1:00 am we were about to fall fully asleep when we heard a loud moan and then a scream come from Ms. Howard. We rushed over to her and found her lying on the ground as still as a bear in hibernation. Because the moon was shining through the window we could see that her eyes were opened in sheer fright. We couldn’t really tell if she was dead or unconscious. I decided to split up and try to figure a way out and get Ms Howard to a doctor. There were four groups that we split up into. My group would go into the basement and my friend Devyns would go into the attic. The other two groups were led by my friend Dakoda who would stay on the main floor and look for a way out and watch over Ms. Howard. The last group would go upstairs and hopefully someone would find a way out. We made a plan to meet back at the main door at about 4:00 am. Once my group got down stairs we noticed that there were jail cells lining the walls. It didn’t look like there was an ending! A girl named Christina went up to about the fifth one and looked in. I walked up to one next to her and there were bones everywhere. As Christina shook her head in disgust she looked back into the cell and noticed something on the wall. In red written on the wall was: Death occurs in this house.
Then all of a sudden a green creature jumped at Christina and tried to bite her. Christina jumped back just in time before her hand got bit off. She looked down at her hand and saw the blood dripping down her hand. There was a huge gash in her hand now. I ripped off part of my sleeve and wrapped it around her hand. Then I heard the green creature moan extremely loud and it reminded me of Ms .Howard. I started to think that he was the thing that made Ms. Howard die or go unconscious. But how would it get out of the cells if they were locked. I looked down the hallway and noticed that there was a cell door unlocked. I looked into the cell again and the green creature…