Unhealthy Sleep Disorders Essay

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A Statistical Study on Unhealthy Sleep Related Behaviors
Samentha Breaux
RES 311
January 29, 2013
Professor: Earnhart, K.

A Statistical Study on Unhealthy Sleep Related Behaviors The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in 2009, a study was done in 12 different states, on an estimated 50 to 70 million adults. The study was to show the severity, of unhealthy sleep habits that, affects adult behaviors. The study uses descriptive and inferential statistics, because the CDC provided samples of different populations, performed estimations and hypothesis testing, which determined the relationship among the variables. Also, describes what happened throughout the study, as the information was collected, organized, and a summarization was given followed by a presentation of data.
Variables and Population Two variables were noticed in the study; dependent variable, and independent variable. The researchers added a new sleep module, which consists of questions derived from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) and clinically validated sleep surveys (CDC). The changes were made, and the participant’s answers were observed to see what happens. The researcher was focused on his observations on the independent variable to see what would be the outcome, of the changes in the independent variable. The population of the study was, adults from ages 18 to 69 years, and was from 12 different states, which was a total of 74,571.
The sampling procedure was stratified, the population was divided into sub-populations, age, gender, ethnicity, and the sub-groups shared the same characteristics; also, random, because of the use of a table to list all of the elements in a numeric order. The sampling was very convenient, easy, and not at all costly, because it was mostly done using the telephone;

Sampling cont.… Answering a series of survey questions, pressing certain numbers and or letters, and speaking yes or no, for answers. Systematic sampling was also involved, because there are 50 states and only 12 were used for the research study.
Data Collection Quantitative data was collected, which consists of numbers that are measurable. The data is discrete, because certain values are counted, and the outcome relies on counting numbers. Since the number range of data is rather large, the data has to be grouped into classes