Unidentified Flying Object and Roswell Essay

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One out of every four American adults believes that extraterrestrial beings have visited earth. (UFO Crash ix). I admit that I am one of those adults who believe in extraterrestrial beings but the whole Roswell thing, well I am a bit skeptical about. Roswell was an incident that took place in the summer of 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico. Spectators saw an object crashing down from the night sky and believed it to be “extraterrestrial visitors”. The object crash-landed in a remote area near a military base. The military recovered the object and had a press release on it saying that it was in fact a “flying disk”, then did some further examinations and had another press release stating that it was nothing more than a weather balloon. The story was forgotten or rather unspoken of for more than three decades until the 1980’s when people started to revisit this incident.
We can all agree that there was definitely some kind of object that fell from the sky. However we can also disagree on what exactly that object was. If this were an alien spacecraft why would our government keep such a big incident a secret even to this day? If aliens did crash on U.S. soil wouldn’t we be far more superior technologically, today, than any other nation on the planet? It’s been over 63 years since the alleged “flying saucer” crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico. That is plenty of time for top scientists to study an alien spacecraft and possibly incorporate some of its technology in to our society. What are the chances of a civilization far more advanced than our own, coming from light years away, falling out of the sky and crash-landing near one of the most guarded and top-secret military base in the world? Chances are slim, very slim. There is no physical evidence that can prove if this ever happened. Over the years there have been hundreds of Roswell books, articles, UFO journals, letters, and documentaries that have been minutely changing, making the Roswell story itself inconsistent. However there has been one thing that has been consistent for the past 63 years and that is the government’s account on the Roswell incident. The UFO crash at Roswell is nothing more than a myth that people perceive as a government conspiracy.
When I first took up this research paper I was for the pro conspiracy side, but after doing some further research of my own I began to sway toward the government’s account. Before I begin, I would like to give a brief overview of the conspirist side of the story. In July 1947 an unidentified object flew over New Mexico and malfunctioned. Swooping shallowly over the town of Roswell it struck and crash-landed on a piece of land owned by a local farmer. Leaving behind a scare on the earth’s surface and material torn from the craft including fragments of metal imprinted with alien hieroglyphics. The damaged aircraft then began to rise up in the air and travel onward for several miles before crashing into the base of a cliff in a remote area. The crash killed the crew inside the ship. Later the Army Air Force was alerted by the locals and acted swiftly on this. They gathered all traces of physical evidence of the crash and collected all the humanoid bodies in the ship. Not too long after the notification, a press release was announced by the public relations officer at Roswell Army Air Filed saying that they had recovered a “flying disk” that was sent to their headquarters for further examination. Of course this announcement grabbed the attention of the world, but within hours there was another press conference by the General in command of the Army Air Force, saying that the “flying disk” was nothing more than a weather balloon. This brought up skepticism among the media. Government officials severally threaten eyewitnesses and reporters to not release any information about the UFO. This was the beginning of a secret government suppression that would last for over 30 years. (UFO Crash pg.3-4).
In 1979 a former Roswell